No more opening your door for your pet.  Thief, Weather & draft Proof.   1/4 INCH THICK GLASS   AWAYS  Free shipping
4-way solid locking Flap door.   Allows your pet to exit and enter by themselves.   Three flap sizes,  6x6,  7x7  &  7x10  
CAT--"Cat American Toy"      AMERICA'S  Ultimate Pet Window.     Made in USA   

CAT "Cat American Toy" AMERICA'S Ultimate Pet Window           

$20 off Harvest Moon sale end Feb 28, 2018,  Enter promo code "CAT"  Best selling window in America
Additional $10.00  off discount going on all pet windows.  Life time no rot warranty  Patent #62/390,452

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CAT--Cat American Toy Products   Made in the USA,  Florida and Maine


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